Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 3

The scenery for the first two days of trekking can best compare to Yosemite on steroids. Pine forest, clear rivers, huge rock faces, and the the Himals! If it weren't for the tea houses and villages we passed along the way, I could have easily forgotten that I wasn't in California.

Today, we are in Namche Bazaar at about 3,440m; each step I take from now on surpasses the highest I have ever been. This in turn means that from now on, everything I now do is a new PHR (Personal Height Record). Today I racked up a several: A new PHR for drinking tea, another PHR for a yak sighting (which in turn was also a PLR (Personal Low Record) as this is the first I have ever seen), and when I broke my previous PHR set in the morning and went to the top floor to go to the bathroom.

If that wasn't enough, we saw Everest today. From afar, it still looks huge and we have several days and several more thousand feet until Base Camp. Luckily for us, altitude has yet to be an issue. After Base Camp, we will head over Cho La Pass and make our way to Gokyo.

There is no where else I would rather be right now.

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